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I'm Lilja Björk the creative owner of From 900.

I have been working as a graphic designer for about 13 years and have always had a big passion for design and how design can influence us.

With a very clean organized style, I have been very fortunate to work with many wonderful brands which I am very grateful for.

business design.

From 900 is my organized graphic studio where I help you and your business find the solutions you need. It's where you can find help with organizing your brand so you will stand out and your customers will recognize you.

home edition

As well as doing designs for businesses, I also do graphic designs for your home. For example, I have made a simple collection of spice and pantry labels in 7 languages.

For myself, I wanted to buy more in bulk to reduce packaging waste and wanted to find a nice way to label my jars. As I am from Iceland I wanted my labels to be in Icelandic so I had to make my own.

Some of the brands I have been fortunate to work with ...

Some of the brands I have been fortunate to work with ...

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